Disadvantages Of Qualitative Research Methods In Research Design

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The method used in this research is qualitative method in which the data is collected, analyzed, and interpreted by observing what both excellent and experience teachers do and say about the lesson plan and learning objectives in the teaching and learning process. Anderson (2006) has defined qualitative method as the exploration of the interviewers towards the respondents’ ideas on the general questions posted to them in order to identify and define their perceptions, opinions and feelings about the topic or idea being discussed. Besides that, qualitative research involves an interpretive, naturalistic approach to the world. This means that interviewers study things in their natural settings, attempting to make sense of, or to interpret, phenomena…show more content…
One of the advantages is to increase the degree of flexibility in the research design by avoiding the reliance on the interviewers’ pre-determined assumptions of the ideas on the discussion topic (Griffin. n.d). The interviewers may have created limited mental images or overview based on their own notions before the interview due to the lack of information and experience about the discussion topics. Besides that, by using ethnographic observation, difference in the practices, belief systems, historical precedents, the physical in which people live and work, the social structures in which individuals are embedded and the symbolic environment in which they act may affect the interviewers’ assumptions which resulting to the multitudinous of opinions and interpretations on the discussion topics (Anon. n.d). For instance, the excellent teacher and the experience teacher are both receive their education at different institutions and teach at different schools in different states where they are involved with diverse types of students which are different in behaviors and social structures. Therefore, by using qualitative methods, the interviewers will have a clearer insight and it helps the interviewers to look at the discussion topics in a wider perspective due to the differences owned by the
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