Disadvantages Of Self Assessment

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For an organisation to succeed, self assessment plays an important role. An organisation should know the various ways to achieve its goals. An assessment report is one way for an organisation to keep records and to find out if its activities are performing well. According to the skilled and experienced members, an organisation system needs to be designed and decided. A company cannot be confident before knowing that their verified process are effective. Against the objective the assessment need to be done to determine the extent of the achievement. The use of self assessment is to help assess organisations weaknesses and improving them in order to achieve high performance and move toward performance excellence. The Baldridge framework helps…show more content…
Such processes can lead to the developed of a strategic organisaional plan with clearly defined short term and long term goals, measurable objectives, identified fiscal and personnel resources, and enhanced consumer and community partnerships. Self-assessment can also be a tool to measure outcomes for personnel, organisations, populations, groups and the community at large. Self-assessment is an ongoing process, not a one-time occurrence. It offers organisations and their personnel the opportunity to assess individual and collective progress over time. Disadvantages of self assessment Subjectivity A self assessment is limited because it is by its nature subjective. A company is responsible to rate and assess different areas of the business. Self assessment can be subjective as employees may not be sincere any may even over evaluate their own performance. No accountability After completing the assessment employee may have less motivation for change. A self assessment starts and ends with an individual, leaving the challenge in their hands to change areas of weakness. If another person is included in the assessment process, accountability can be created that will help organisation change and stay committed to their
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