Disadvantages Of Service Marketing

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1.0 Introduction.
Service marketing is defined as an act of performance that one party can offer to another party which is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership or anything (Kotler and Keller, 2015, cited in Xuanzhong and Jing, p 208). Similarly, it elaborates that service scope can create a difference in all categories of marketing from consumer behavior to business to business relationship marketing as per Furrer and Sollberger (2017, p 94). Furthermore, they are explaining on individual needs, customer satisfaction and involvement in service encounters (Czepiel, Solomon and Suprenant, 1985). Lovelock and Wirtz (2004, p 23) stresses that role of services is the core product of marketing services while it is also
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It emphasizes that heterogeneity usually increases as the degree of labor inventiveness increases. Equipment based services, in contrast, suffers from this problem to a lesser degree (Pride and Ferrell, 2003).

4.0 Types of marketing service industries.
The Business world was changing from an industrial economy to a service economy, companies started thinking in customer-oriented terms instead of in product-oriented terms (Normann, 2000 cited in Guzzoni, 2005, p 6). Furthermore because of growing competition, stagnation in mature markets and globalization, companies had to become more and more service-oriented to survive in the market (Levitt, 1975). The Service Marketing Triangle proposed by Gronroos shows the three marketing functions for service firms and how they divide between the different sectors. 5.1 Internal Marketing.
The management in a hierarchical organization has to develop, from the top, motivated and customer-conscious employees (Gronroos, 2001).The interaction between marketers and employees will help to gain an understanding regarding the strengths and weakness of their organization.
5.2 External
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