Disadvantages Of Service Oriented Architecture

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!!What is a Microservice?
Microservices are a method of designing software applications in which the application components are divided into small independent processes called Microservices which communicate with each other using API to form a complete application.
!!What is Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)?
With Service Oriented Architecture a communication protocol is used to make public, platform independent services available to any application or user that needs them. SOAs provide services to components that may involve simple data passing routines or connect to another service or carry out some small functions.
!!What is an Application Programming Interface (API)?
It is an interface. It is in between two different applications, allowing them to communicate. An application programming interface is therefore defines as an application that allows two pieces of software to communicate with each other.
!!!Microservices, SOAs and APIs Illustrated: The Nightclub Application
These definitions make room for a broad spectrum of interpretations. We are going to use an illustration to make the definitions more relatable. Let us for a minute imagine we have a night club but not any night club… but an automated one.
The night club as a whole we can view as an
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Microservices are way of structuring an application into small independent components that comprise the application as whole. This makes the application more scalable and more agile. So in effect Microservices have to do with the breaking down of an application into components while APIs function is to expose the functional characteristics of an application. With SOAs they are another form of architectural approach to application development and serve to expose the functionality of an application by an independent service. These services are designed for re-use in various
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