Disadvantages Of Standardized Testing

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Students today have an impeccable ability to absorb information from their teachers and books, and spit it out onto a bubble sheet. Standardized testing provides a platform for students to show off their ability to recite the information which has been drilled into their heads over and over again, rather than actually getting to know the material they’re learning about. Many colleges understand how standardized test scores are misleading in terms of predicting student success. They are biased, and they can only measure one type of learning. Every student has different needs and abilities, because in education, one size does not fit all. Many students struggle with standardized testing, and therefore, develop serious mental illnesses from the stress these tests put on them. America can learn from other countries who do not implement standardized testing, or those who do so sparingly. Giving students the opportunity to exhibit their learning through creative means can be far more effective than forcing students to memorize things they simply do not care about. Standardized testing is ultimately ineffective in improving instruction and student performance, and could be enhanced by allowing students to learn without the pressure of passing a test. Many colleges and universities today are going test-optional, because they’re realizing standardized tests have a socioeconomic bias. This puts certain students at a disadvantage simply because of the income of their parents. When a
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