Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad brings about various changes in an individual’s life. The way people do things, their cultures and their beliefs prove different especially for a stranger (Kelly & Moogan, 2012, p 24). In this context, we will refer to a lady who leaves an Arabic Country to go and study in the United Kingdom. To date, higher quality education is offered in few parts of the world and UK is one of the places therefore many people would like an opportunity to study here. One, thus, gets a quality education and many opportunities after finishing school. However, discrimination and intergroup conflicts are some of the challenges faced by Arabic students on arrival in the United Kingdom (Arambewela & Hall, 2009). Cultural diversity is most times not tolerated by the host country making it difficult for strangers to adapt to the new environment. Arabic lady has to make sure she attains the best regarding education and at the same time not compromise the traditional values she was taught earlier. Exposure to a different country/setting comes along with various advantages and disadvantages. Education is one thing that an Arabic lady greatly benefits from as her thinking capacity is widened and she can be able to handle multiple situations. In the process of learning there is meeting new people who have different beliefs and experiences. Culture shock erupts when a large group of people do things differently, have different dress codes and view morals differently (Schweisfurth & Gu,
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