Disadvantages Of Survival In Prison

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If you face the first term, you will be worried about your chances of surviving in prison. It is natural that you need to be afraid; Everyone knows the jail is a tough, embarrassing and dangerous place. Most inmates have experience in a certain way. If you want to survive the constipation with your body, mind and spirit intact, you need to learn all you can about your inner life and how you behave behind the prison grid.
The prison has its set of complex rules and code of conduct. Keeping breaks for a long time or interrupting your eyes when you hear crying can cause serious beating. After you unconsciously violated one of the unofficial rules of imprisonment, other inmates consider you are doubtful about your chances of becoming a victim of
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Not avoiding the friendly advancement of other inmates; You need friends inside, do not get too friendly too soon even with your friends.
Do not give too much to yourself, your family, your life abroad, and the reason you're on the wrong side of the bar. Do not lie, just keep the information you give; you will be surprised how small things can turn into weapons to be used against you and reduce the chances of survival in jail.
Be especially careful not to trust any other prisoner's problem. The problem is a weak point and it is dangerous to show weakness in the prison because it is full of people who want to take advantage of every vulnerability they discover.
For example, it is normal for you to worry about how your husband lives in prison, but you have to keep that concern for yourself. If you open your concern, you will be the target of ridiculing unbelief. Prison is a boring place; some inmates would have hours of fun thinking about how your wife could enjoy your absence. Probably will not want to stop even after it breaks down.
Surviving in jail is even easier if you take into account the suggestions of people who have experienced the experience you had
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