Disadvantages Of Synchronous Transverter

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Another advantage of the synchronous converter is that it is bi-directional, which lends itself to applications requiring regenerative braking. When power is transferred in the "reverse" direction, it acts much like a boost converter.
The upsides of the synchronous buck converter don't come without cost. To start with, the lower switch normally costs more than the freewheeling diode. Second, the multifaceted nature of the converter is unfathomably expanded because of the requirement for a reciprocal yield switch driver.
Such a driver must keep both changes from being turned on in the meantime, a blame known as "shootthrough". The most straightforward procedure for dodging shootthrough is a period delay between the kill of S1 to the turn-on
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9: Schematic of a generic synchronous n-phase buck converter. Fig. 10: Closeup picture of a multiphase CPU power supply for an AMD Socket 939 processor. The three periods of this supply can be perceived by the three dark toroidal inductors in the closer view. The littler inductor underneath the warmth sink is a piece of an info channel.
The multiphase buck converter is a circuit topology where fundamental buck converter circuits are put in parallel between the information and load. Each of the n "phases" is turned on at equally spaced intervals over the switching period. This circuit is typically used with the synchronous buck topology, described above.
This kind of converter can react to load changes as fast as though it exchanged n times speedier, without the expansion in exchanging misfortunes that would bring about. Subsequently, it can react to quickly evolving burdens, for example, present day chip.
There is additionally a noteworthy diminishing in exchanging swell. Not exclusively is there the reduction due to the expanded viable frequency,[4] but any time that n times the duty cycle is an integer, the changing swell goes to 0; the rate at which the inductor current is expanding in the stages which are exchanged on precisely coordinates the rate at which it is diminishing in the stages which are turned
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