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Grammar and Meaning
Grammar is the study of what forms are possible in a language, thus grammar is a description of the rules that define how a language’s sentences are formed. Grammar is seen as the study of syntax and morphology of the sentences.
“Grammar is the business of taking a language to pieces, to see how it works.”
(David Crystal)
Some language teachers and educators say:
“The important point is that the study of grammar as such is neither necessary nor sufficient for learning to use a language.”
(Newmark 1976)
The evidence seems to show beyond that though it is by communicative use in real ‘speech acts’ that the new language ‘sticks’ in the learner’s mind, insight into pattern is an equal partner with communicative use in what
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Lets start with the advantages: When using a rule discovery method students are more likely to remember the rule, moreover when students put mental effort to figure out something it ensures greater cognitive depth, which means greater chances of memorizing the rule. Inductive approach ensures complete involvement from the students side, as they get involved in figuring out the rule and how it is used. And finally, it is an approach which requires problem-solving and pattern-recognition abilities, that is suitable for learners that like that kind of studying.
Disadvantages of inductive approach include : when using this method of teaching there is a lot of time and energy spent on one single item, which can be very misleading for the students. Moreover it requires more work from the teachers side in order to plan the lesson, which again is very time consuming. Inductive approach can be confusing for students who are better at having the rule given to them and then learn it. And finally the time that was spent in figuring out the rule, could be spent better in putting the rule into practice, which helps students learn the rule better and memorize
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