Disadvantages Of Team Teaching

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The education world is constantly evolving to the needs of the learners. There are better ways to instruct a lesson, use different strategies, use new manipulatives, set up the learning environment, etc. Classrooms are moving away from the traditional classrooms of one teacher and it being teacher centered. Now there are multiple teachers and student-centered classrooms. One instructional strategy that helps learners become better is through team teaching. There are many definitions of team teaching. It depends on how the team wants to serve the students. Gurman says it is when “two or more persons are assigned to the same students at one time for instructional purposes” (as cited in Anderson and Speck, 1998). Hatcher, Hinton, and Swartz define it as “two or more instructors collaborating over the design and/or implementation and evaluation of the same course or courses” (as cited in Anderson and Speck, 1998). Ennis states “two or more teachers accept responsibility for the same group of students” (as cited in Anderson and Speck, 1998). There may be a variety of explanations of team teaching, but those explanations focus on the students’ learning (Anderson and Speck, 1998). Due to the students’ needs, team-teaching is successful on their academic achievement in the classroom.
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A teacher that is strong in math can lead that subject while the other teacher(s) can help support during instruction. Then the roles can be reversed during English language activities. This allows the students to receive the most in-depth instruction for that subject or subjects if a teacher takes on two subjects. This includes social studies and science, which are normally on the back burner. Students can receive instruction from a teacher that is passionate on one subject and who can put their full effort into lesson planning (Liu,
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