Disadvantages Of Technology

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Nowadays, Technology have broad speculations in our lives. Technology has advantage and disadvantages. There are many diverse age groups that use technology daily. It has come to a fact that we rely on technology to get a breather from our hectic daily life. The very definite functional part of technology has been seen visible in the lowest part of age group. Young children and teenagers in first world countries has been growing more attached to technology the more advance it got. The controversy that includes the pros and con effect of technology on children’s life has been in speculation till this day and may be continues to the future. Everyone should take a stance that the over long use of technology has bad effects on their development. Health issues that caused by too much screen time has been researched to affect large percentage of the vast tech users. There are divided from external and internal pain of issues in both age group of young children and adolescents. The major common external health problem escalating noted by a recent research article is Musculoskeletal neck pain and this problem is mostly caused by bending your back and staring at your hand-held device for a long time. “All the participants were asked to show how they used their smart phones or tablets, all participants showed strong bend when engaged in the activity. Children and adolescent’s participant spent 5 to 7 hours a day on their smartphones and handheld devices. This shows the pain sites, eye symptoms, and psychological and social effects that were found in the children and adolescents are main health of over use in technology.” (Fares, Jawad; Fares, Mohamad; Fares, Youssef 22) The other most climaxing effect, that is a main health issue now, is obesity. Smart phones and high-level technology has made life more easy and accessible it’s a bliss for humanity. Large part of tech users has suffered from lack of exercise and exposed to obesity. It is a proven fact that obesity is a health issues that brings many other issues like hypertension, diabetes, and asthma. Some children spend more than five hours their heads shoved on the screen on one position, this indicates that smart technology is one of the reasons that children don’t

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