Disadvantages Of Technology

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As the world advances, so does technology. But as technology advances, we remain stagnant with our knowledge. Over the years, humans have created powerful machinery that lessens the load on us and gives us a easy way out of doing everyday necessities. What we as humans do not realize, is that technology is corrupting our ways and making us sluggish. Technology has spoiled us as humans, newer generations are no longer needing to learn things that their ancestors had to in order to survive, and it is only going to get worse. I remember when I was a kid, I would spend most of my time either outside or with my friends. Nowadays, kids are always on their phones or laptops either watching Netflix or playing games and not socializing with others. Technology will lead humans to their downfall because we will no longer connect with others, but rather we will connect our phones to the WIFI. Even though technology is supposed to ease our way of getting information, there is still many disadvantages. Like in the article, Is Google Making Us Stupid?, the author says, “The more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing.” The author indicates that technology is a big distraction, and the new methods of reading from devices is not the same as reading from a paper. Texts have gotten longer and wordier to the point where we zone out, and have to read an article two or three times just to get it. Technology is spoiling us, but also confusing us. Information is easier to attain now, but it is harder to understand. Also, nowadays you do not know what a reliable source is because of the fact that everyone has access to post and not everyone tells it like it is. Technology is making a couple of years apart, a world apart. My little brother is exactly seven and a half years younger than me, and the way he was raised was entirely different than to how I was raised. When I was little, I would ride my bike around the neighborhood, I would be friends with all the kids my age that lived near me. When we would gather, we would talk, laugh, and play. Nowadays though, my brother rarely goes outside and if he does, he is on his phone thirty percent of the time. Technology has become an everyday

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