Disadvantages Of Technology

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One of the biggest changes in the last few generations would be technology. As time passes by, newer, bigger, and more advanced technology is being produced. While seeming paradoxical, this is both an advantage and a disadvantage to the newest generation. The world continues to advance through technology, giving new knowledge to each and every new generation. That being said, this technology also can be harmful to the newer generation, especially when this technology is not used in moderation. This particularly comes in play for cell phones. One most common stereotype of the younger generation is their excessive, obsessive phone use. Different type of technology usage eventually begins to take over one's life, forming a wall between them and the rest of the world, as well as creating a lense for how they see the world and themselves. This generation has become obsessed with cell phones. One common use for these phones is to avoid being uncomfortable in a situation. When a person gets uncomfortable, it becomes almost habit to just click on their cell phones, and keep their minds somewhere else. Though this may help their immediate feeling of uncomfortability, this harms their ability to handle these situations. Every person will have to face uncomfortable situations. In days before cell phones, people would have to use mental processes to find a way to make the situation more comfortable. Without the need to do this, this is a skill that this generation will not

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