Disadvantages Of Technology

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Technology and its Roles, Advantages, and Disadvantages One of the roles of technology has been to simplify our lives, our daily tasks and perhaps to make our lives easier and it has allowed us with more leisure time on the one hand this has all been beneficial for the human species but in the other hand perhaps we are losing ourselves as what it comes to asking ourselves if we have gotten enough and if it’s worth it to keep trying to achieve more and more technology advances that have already been proven to not only harm the earth’s environment but also our own health and it has changed perhaps the way we behave. Technology has innovated our lives in so many ways that we can now communicate all over the world in just seconds, we have millions of different choices of cellphones to choose from, we have way easier access to information, and we have ways to transport ourselves locally with automobiles and worldwide via airplanes. It is undeniable that technology has been a positive and a necessary science that we needed to make our lives better but could have been best to try to stay within a limit to try to not harm the environment and society even more. T These innovations of technology have gotten as far to the point where humans are starting to lose their jobs and are being replace by robots. Perhaps it starts to be a time where we need to be aware of the things that we might be giving up in exchange to enjoy the privileges of technology. It is also undeniable that we may

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