Disadvantages Of Technology

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The usage of the technology has been high in demand in human society. It is now surprisingly bonded to human race. Modern society has been modified more comfortably by the development of the technology undoubtedly. However, its advancement provides not only positive side of the aspects, but also has created negative impacts in our society. The negative side effects of technological improvements tend to be neglected, but it is important that people acknowledge the disadvantage of the technology growth in order to avoid disgraceful future human society dominated by the power of technologies. The technology as a weapon has reached to the point of danger. Chronologically, it is proven that human race has the competitive characteristic by nature. Shapes of their weapon has been transited and evolved more violently because of the blood of aggressiveness. They began from fist fighting and gone through fighting with sharp tools such as swords and now the evolution of weapons has come to be able to create bombs which are possible to destroy our whole planet. The new creation of life-threating weapons has been developed unstoppably among nations. Our great capability of manufacturing skills on bronze and iron is being used on inventing useful devices as well as producing dangerous weapons for war unfortunately (Townsend, 2017) The related potential problem of the technology as a weapon is system hacking. The switches of the dangerous missiles are typically held by the

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