Disadvantages Of The Tenth Amendment

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“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Our Tenth Amendment, as it was originally written does not specify or restrict the spectrum of powers which are entitled to the federal government, the state government, and or the people. Since this amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not provide an accurate measure of the powers granted to each group, it is a very open concept and its extent can be given an infinite number of interpretations. The lack of specific distinction between the powers can cause altercations regarding the rights and authority that the state and the national government have over certain issues. To…show more content…
These types of actions have already taken place in a few states of the United States. Because similar events have already taken place, it would only make sense to for it to become an official right for the States. If permitted by a state, it would gain control of the requirements on subjects like the production, distribution, prescription, and administration of medical products derived from marijuana. By monitoring various aspects of the medical production of marijuana, the states could prevent the exposure that patients may have to hazardous products that contain marijuana. This would give individuals with health conditions an opportunity receive safer substances because there would be no need for these to be made under illegal or unsanitary environments. Additionally, patients with severe conditions could gain access to the possibility of reducing the occurrence of their chronic symptoms and even present some improvements in their health.

Similar to the previous proposal, the State’s right to permit and legalize the use of recreational marijuana should be incorporated under the 10th Amendment. States would gain the ability to set an age requirement for the use of this plant for recreational purposes. The state government could adopt measures, comparable to those of the level of alcohol an individual can
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