Disadvantages Of Traffic Engineering

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According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (2013), the role of traffic engineering comes in play; it is the phase of engineering that deals with the planning, having a good relationships with other modes of transportation, and traffic operations of roads, streets and highways for the achievement of safe, efficient and convenient movement of people and goods. Aside from interpreting relationships among vehicles, traffic engineering applies technology and its principles to plan and operate facilities for any mode of transportation (Roses, R., 2004.). Furthermore, the objective of traffic engineering is to explore the factors contributing to traffic congestion, to draw lessons from the experience that were gained to date so they may…show more content…
The traffic flow along the Katipunan Avenue, in their opinion, seemed to worsen as the volume of vehicles passing along seems to get higher. They also complained about the time limit of the stoplight. In addition, many people had pointed out the presence of trucks during rush hour which makes the situation more unbearable. Another disadvantage of traffic engineering is that it may cause harm and discomfort to people as well as to the economy especially if traffic schemes that are implemented are not suitable to the different vehicles roaming the streets. Such traffic scheme may result to vehicle collisions that would increase delay especially during peak hours. Also, disobedience of road rules and regulations may be violated because of the improper implementation of the scheme. These disadvantages can cause extreme deterioration in the overall safety of motorists and commuters.
It can be concluded that imposing the new Katipunan Avenue traffic scheme presents a positive and negative implication. First, although it was designed to provide convenience and promote safety among commuters and motorists, many people still think that there is no use at all in implementing such new traffic scheme development action because the present condition along the Katipunan Avenue remains the same. Accordingly, some say that there is still inadequacies present in the new traffic scheme imposed by the MMDA and they should address as soon as
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