Disadvantages Of Uk Constitution

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The quotation given by Alder has been in debates for some decades now and this is what my essay is about. Starting with an introduction of constitution the classifications will be described. Then giving a short history of UK constitution it will be followed by its sources. Then giving a summary of recent debates on this topic, essay will take form of arguments and concluding with my opinion.
A constitution is mechanism of fundamental principles governing how members of a group or organisation should behave, who has the power etc. Any organisation from a small club to any biggest union can have a constitution. The constitution of a country is a little different, although it is still, essentially, a set of rules governing how the country operates
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Conventions are also known named as customs and have no weight legally but politically acts as gravitational force in many decisions. Very basic example of a convention is that legally queen can refuse the royal assent to any bill, passed through parliament, however due to convention she does not. Many scholars have even debated on this like Dicey, Marshall and Jennings who said “conventions are flesh on dry bones of law and oil to the wheels of law.” 6
Should the constitution of UK be codified or not is a very deep and difficult argument. The basic theories for the constitution are Formalist and Substantive. Formalists say that the constitution should establish the government bodies and provide clear framework of rules so that individuals are clear about their rights and the way to act. Whereas Richard Epstein characterises Substantive theory that constitution should also be designing the fundamental values such as democracy and human rights and provide protection to individuals.7
There is a vast debate on topic that what should be added into the constitution and some basic and common points from arguments at a glance are
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