Disadvantages Of User Centered Design

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‘User-centered design’ (UCD) is a broad term to describe design processes in which end-users influence how a design takes shape. (Abras, Maloney-Krichmar, & Preece, 2004) Getting the opinions and input from the end-user in the design of an information system. Also getting requirements from the users about what they want the system to do and then meeting those requirements in the design and development of the system.
During which stages of SDLC is UI most effective?
There are many different opinions on whether users should be involved in the in the development of an information system also, there are also many different ways in which they can be involved. There are different parts in the development of an information system including:
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There are different methodologies on the Software Development Lifecycle, including the Waterfall Method and the Star Method. Some user-centered design approaches such as the participatory design and the star lifecycle, focus on including users in all phases of design. (Preece, Rogers, Sharp, Benyon, Holland, & Carey, 1994) In participatory design, users become members of the actual development team. In the star lifecycle, users get to evaluate each stage of development. (Lazar, 2011)
So when using a lifecycle like the participatory design or the star lifecycle, users are very involved in the design of the information system, resulting in making usage easier and more understandable for the users when the information system gets placed into production. Another advantage in having the users involved in the every step of the development would be that the information system will meet exactly the requirements that the users have specified and thus making the system more stable and productive. Knowing where to include users in the design process is very important and can make the information system design process faster and better or cause conflict, problems and result in the design and development running over the allocated
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