Disadvantages Of Vl

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knowledge (Arkorful & Abaidoo, 2015). The virtual learning made it possible to connect ideas even worldwide because of social media or internet. Hence the main purpose of VL is knowledge development that is very relevant in the classroom or even off campus like independent learning at home. If the teacher is not available during the class or the students, the teacher can send the instructional materials and can learn and interact with each other. These are some sources needed for both teachers and students to gain access information globally. In education VL is important. Some of the pedagogical functions of the virtual-learning environment are reflected by the researchers and defined it accordingly. It was mentioned from…show more content…
Researchers that identify barriers to VL include the difficulty of the teachers in using VL. The selectivity in ICT uses and read-only participants. Also, since there is no face-to-face interaction the lack of trust in personal and institutional was a barrier (Fontainha & Gannon-Leary 2008). Another barrier is the difficulty in implementing the teachers in using VL and technology. Some teachers have lack of knowledge in using and manipulating the technology to apply the VL for students hinders in using it. In the Philippine setting, the issue of lack of facilities which includes the ICT or VL environment is very rampant, especially in the rural and suburban areas. Aside from the insufficient funding and lack of resources. The major barrier or challenges for the teachers also is the alignment of the concept in the lesson to the type of technology which will be used. Aside from identifying the computer technology tools in teaching, the alignment and relevance of the learning activities to the learners were the major problems in implementing virtual learning in the classroom (So & Kim, 2013). Another barriers or disadvantages to using the VL environment is the lack of interaction between the student and
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