Disadvantages Of Web-Based Learning

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Web-based learning leads to the change in roles of teachers and students in learning processes. This is due to the fact that web-based learning applies the concept of learner-centered approach in learning. To compare, in traditional ways of teaching and learning, teachers played a big role, which was as the giver or provider of knowledge (Web-based Learning: Good or Bad?). Students during that time depended solely on teachers to give information about the topics covered in every subject that they were learning. It is understandable because technology during that time was not as advanced as the technology that we have nowadays. Therefore, another way of students to gain additional information about a particular subject was by going to libraries.…show more content…
As stated in the article of “Orientation to Web-based Learning”, unlike in traditional way in learning which assesses students’ achievement through oral and written examinations, web-based learning introduces more innovative approach, such as through forums, online quizzes and e-portfolio (Web-based Learning: Good or Bad?). This new assessment approach does not only encourage students be more creative, for example in conducting a forum, but also helps them to improve their soft skills, especially communication skills and computer skills. This will then lead to the change in role of teachers as those new assessment approach stated earlier would be able to overcome the issue of “examination-oriented teaching”, which only strives for students’ academic excellence in examination.

Teachers can now focus on helping students to pass their examinations with flying colors, as well as polish their soft skills, such as leadership and cooperative skills, in order to produce well-balanced students academically and socially. Hence, it can be concluded that application of web-based learning has led to change in the role of teachers and students in learning processes.
Web-based learning is an innovative approach which brings various advantages to teaching and learning processes. There are a lot of advantages, or prospects of implementing web-based learning in educational institutions, but the most significant ones are the flexibility, and accessibility and equal opportunity for
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