Disadvantages of Allowing Firearms on Campuses

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Firearm mortality and morbidity is a serious concern in the public sector as it has significant impacts to the society (Carlson, 2002). The concept of allowing students to carry guns while in colleges has been the subject of debate in the recent times, though the majority of the campus students are not in favor of this idea. A number of incidences like the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 have prompted the need to allow students' posses' guns while colleges (Lott, 2003). However, this idea has proved to a serious challenge as the disadvantages still overweigh its advantages (Lott, 2003). Allowing students to carry guns while in the institution can lead to potentially harmful situation. Institutions are characterized by carrying of academic…show more content…
Such a situation may end up being fatal as most of the students also are not well conversant with the ethics of guns possession. Numerous deaths can occur due to unnecessary shooting by the students as a result of minor disagreements (Halbrook, 1984). Such cases will make the classrooms very risky places to stay in and will eventuality increase the number of deaths in the institutions (LaPoint, 2009). The possession of guns by students can also lead to the accidental shooting which can result to unexpected deaths (Carlson, 2002). Since most of the students are not well trained on the use of this firearm, their training is usually short and brief, it leaves them with very little knowhow on the use the use of firearms as result cases of accidental shootings will be prevalent (Carlson, 2002). When students are allowed to possess guns, chances of confusion arising in raid cases are high (Sulkowski, 2011). It is true because police officers on a rescue mission will have difficulties differentiating between the armed civilians and armed assailants. As a result, the police may end up shooting the innocent civilians instead of an armed assailant (Sulkowski, 2011). It is because even the assailants can be students and identifying them will be a difficult task to the police officers on the rescue mission (Sulkowski, 2011). Conclusion Allowing students in campuses to posses' firearms is a serious challenge. Most students are inexperienced in gun handling

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