Disadvantages of Helicopter Parenting Essay example

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Helicopter Parenting

How does a person grow up to be who they are? Most people say it is determined by the way their parents raise them. The parents that hover close and the parents that give their children space will have children with complete opposite characteristics. Parents that hover close are referred to as “Helicopter Parents,” and children that are given a lot of space are called “Free- Range Kids” (Rutherford). Although these styles of parenting are vastly different, both kinds of parents are trying to do what is best for their child. Of the two parenting types, helicopter parenting is looked at as a worse method for parenting. There are more negative aspects of it then there are positive. Not only do helicopter parents
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What may be the most noticeable characteristic of these parents is their over involvement in their child’s academics. They see their child’s school work and academic activities as something that is for the child and parent together instead of for the child alone (How Not to Be a Helicopter Parent). Therefore, when the child does not do well on any given thing, the parent feels guilty as if it were their fault that the child failed (How Not to Be a Helicopter Parent).

The over involvement of parents can make the child develop psychological issues. They are shown to have a higher risk of depression, anxiety, lack self-confidence, and have low self-esteem (“Helicopter Parents” Stir Up Anxiety, Depression). It is shown that no matter what parenting technique is being used, every parents goal is to build their child’s self-esteem (Rutherford). Sadly, helicopter parenting does the exact opposite. Equally important, the persons lack of self- confidence comes from the over involvement of their parents in his/her childhood activities and academics. They never experienced failure or loss because the parents were always there to step in, so they never achieved anything to build their confidence (“Helicopter Parents” Stir Up Anxiety, Depression). It is common for a child with helicopter parents to develop depression when moving from their home to
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