Disadvantages of Mexico's Economy

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The Disadvantages of Mexico’s Economy The United States of America has many advantages such as natural resources, a stable government, and advanced technology. Its southern neighbor, Mexico, has not had as much luck. Mexico’s unfortunate terrain and unstable government has hindered its ability to gain any significant amount of wealth as a nation. In his novel, All the Pretty Horses, Cormac McCarthy shows us the difference in the wealth of these two nations through the travels of John Grady Cole and Lacy Rawlins. McCarthy gives readers an example of Mexico’s economic status when he writes, “How much they pay you? We was getting two hundred pesos a month. In Texas what do they pay for this work. I dont know. Hundred a month. Hundred…show more content…
Similarly, an article from the Economist, shows readers that the justice system remains corrupt when it claims that, “in Mexico, a recent study by CIDAC, a think-tank, found that 96% of crimes went unpunished… As a result, many Latin Americans do not bother to report crimes”(Economist). The article also states that, “police [are seen] as part of the problem… police are too often abusive, corrupt and incompetent-or even criminal”(Economist). By stating high statistics, such as “96% of crime [go] unpunished” and “75% of crimes go unrecorded”, the article makes the lack or crime control clear. McCarthy and the article from the Economist makes the corrupt status of the Mexican justice system obvious to readers and helps to show that tainted justice is another factor leading to Mexico’s poor economic status. A lack of natural resources, leading to barren land, is another contributing factor to Mexico’s struggling economy. McCarthy gives readers an example of Mexico’s empty terrain when he writes about John Grady and Rawlins crossing the border. McCarthy writes: “There were roads and rivers and towns on the American side of the map as far south as the Rio Grande and beyond that all was white. It dont show nothin down there, does it? Said Rawlins. No. You reckon it aint never been mapped? There’s maps. That just aint one of em. I got
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