Disadvantages of Technology

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Technology has been a boon to mankind and it is a blessing in disguise. It has made the life of humans simple and easy to live. The effects of technology have largely been positive on human life. We have reached this modern era because of technology. The various technologies around us have made this world modern. In this modern life technological innovations have become integral to our lives Technological innovations are the most important aspect of human life and it is impossible to even think of our life without them. Technology is the greatest creation of humans and it has also enabled humans to create whatever they desire. I think that technology is indispensable in our modern life and it is a great positive force in our lives. The…show more content…
One such invention is cloning and if it is ever used on humans then it could be disastrous. With the help of technology we should not play with nature. Certain things should remain as they are and humans should not tamper with them. Another deadly innovation that resulted from technology is nuclear bombs and weapons which are again against mankind. Such inventions can destroy the very existence of man himself. What is the use of such technology which would prove to be fatal for a human himself? That means ultimately the development in the technological front is not making us modern instead we are creating and inventing technology which would erase the very existence of mankind. Therefore, technology is beneficial to mankind till the time it is not misused. The negative aspects of technology can certainly not be overlooked but it is on us to decide how to make the best possible use of technology. 2 Technology has proved to be a boon for mankind. It is technology which has helped us develop in all fronts of life. Without technological developments we would still be living in pre-historic age. It is the various technological innovations which have made this world progress so much that nothing today seems to be impossible. Technology has made those things feasible which once we never even thought of. We certainly have to pay a price for every comfort we get and nothing comes free of cost. The various environmental problems which have resulted from

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