Disadvantages of Teenage Curfews

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In today’s society, some parents create curfews for their children while others allow their children to create their own curfews. Numerous people argue that setting curfews for teenagers help them refrain from taking part in mischief and help them to develop into superior adults. The remaining group of people state that curfews would make teenagers rebel. Teenage curfews produce many different positive and negative views in parents and teenagers. Different opinions on curfews are expressed through parents, teenagers, and mayors; and there are numerous reasons for people not supporting curfews. A false sense of security exists as one of the disadvantages of teenage curfews. Parents assume that when they force their children home at a certain time, they will not participate in anything immoral, but that is not always true. The Aspen Education Group states, “While a teenager staying out late can cause issues, it’s important not to use a curfew as a general answer to these possible problems” (Hatter 1). In realization, if teenagers obtain the desire to involve themselves in corrupt acts, they will find a way to do so no matter the time. Teenagers would feel more pressured to sneak out if their friends were participating in something that they could not be a part of due to their curfew. If parents rely on curfews to protect their children from negative activities, they will eventually notice teenagers contain their own willpower (Hatter 1). Another argument as to why

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