Disappearing Of Arts In Schools

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The arts are slowly disappearing before our eyes and this is a major problem that if not solved could create some severe consequences for the United States as a nation academically. Though there are multiple reasons the arts are being cut, the two main reasons are the No Child Left Behind Law (NCLB), and funding cuts to schools and public organizations. Those who oppose the arts believe that the arts have no applicable use in real life, however there is mounting evidence that shows that the arts are key factors in reading and language skills, mathematical skills, thinking skills, social skills, motivation to learn, and promotes a positive school environment. The arts have also been shown to help keep high-risk dropout students in school.…show more content…
“People are forgetting that math is taught when a child is playing an instrument. English is taught when a child is reading or writing a script. Critical thinking is taught when a child is analyzing art” (Sabrina Holcomb). There is a significant correlation between participating in the arts, and success in school. Multiple studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between playing an instrument, and an increase in scores in mathematical subject. In these studies, it was also noted that students who were more creative were better problem solvers than students who were not as creative. All of these characteristics are sought after in the work force, meaning that the arts not only help during the school years, but in work and business as well (Ron Whitehorne). Also, it is important to note that “Low-income students who had arts-rich experiences in high schools were more than three times as likely to earn a B.A. as low-income students without those experiences. And the new study from the National Endowment reports that low-income high school students who earned little or no arts credits were five times more likely not to graduate from high school than low-income students who earned many arts credits” (Tyleah Hawkins). The arts have always been used as a form of expression and inspiration for people across the world, the arts have also been shown to improve high-risk student's outlook on their schooling. Research has shown that the arts help improve standardized test scores like the ACT or SAT (Tyleah Hawkins).People who support the arts believe that quality art education can help engage at-risk students in ways that other subjects such as math, science, or reading cannot. This is why it is believed that the arts are a key tool in the prevention of high-school dropout. There are many studies that point to a lower dropout rate for students who participate in
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