Disarment, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Outer Space: Mongolia´s Stand

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The topics before the First Committee are: Relationship between Disarmament and Development, Measures to prevent Terrorists from acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction, Prevention of arms Race in Outer Space. Mongolia is dedicated to collaborative multilateral approaches to ensuring the world’s peace. I. Relationship between Disarmament and Development…show more content…
The Thorson committee reported a study report about UNIDIR, International Disarmament Fund for Development. In 1985, Sweden presented a study on conversion, Disarmament Conversion from military to civilian production in Sweden. A new political trend was in demand in France the government was considering the benefits of the relationship between disarmament and development. In August-September1987, the conference was held. (The Unite Nations Disarmament Year Book 1986, 357-371) The second chapter of the final document of the report is precisely about the relationship between disarmament, development and security. The 14th paragraph explains that security is an overriding priority for all nations. It is fundamental for both disarmament and development. The 18th paragraph explains that non-military threats are one of the main worries of global concerns. Degradation of the environment presents a threat to sustainable development. The world cannot be a secure place due to inequalities between wealth and poverty. The 3rd chapter of the final document is about military spending and the costs of military expenditures. Military production or employment provokes a reduction in jobs due to the money spent on military related production instead of civil projects. Governments promise that they will “consider keeping under review issues related to a conversion of military industry to civilian production and undertaking studies and planning for this purpose to

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