Disarming Anger Research Paper

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As a professional, it can be very challenging when dealing with an individual who enters your office with a ball of rage brewing inside of them. From the text, I have realized that the expression of anger is "only a clue" that there are some underlying issues that we need to explore and resolve. I ask myself, "How will I be able to address and disarm their anger successfully? First, we need to explore the cause and effect of the anger and whether or not the anger is the result of something that the agency has done. While doing so, we need to remember to not take it personally. A friend, who is a licensed social worker once told me, "that their crisis is not your crisis. I never thought too much about it then, but after taking this class I realize what she meant. DO NOT OWN A PROBLEM THAT IS NOT YOURS - only help the individual in coping and resolving their issue/s. If you find that their anger is due to something that the agency has done - then address it and explain…show more content…
Keeping in mind that, when we are angry, "we cannot see straight and/or even think straight" is when I need to step back and allow the client to calm down, gather their thoughts, and express the true underlying issue. We have all been in a situation where we have had anger to the point that our own thinking process is compromised and taking a moment to actually think about what is causing your frustration, might be the best way to defuse the anger. I know for myself, I have learnt to process the situation before addressing it and often after thinking about it - I realize it wasn't such a BIG deal after
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