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Trident University International Marvell R. Dean MHES 509 Module 1 1. How is a response to destruction from a terrorist incident different from a response to a natural disaster? Be specific, give examples, and quote from the readings. 2. You are a volunteer for the American Red Cross. You are to enter a scene of destruction in order to assist wounded victims. What are some precautions that you must take? What are some restrictions placed on you? From whom do you receive clearance? 3. First responders should isolate hazards by establishing control zones. There are three types of control zones. List them and give examples. Cite your sources. Difference Between Response to…show more content…
Many Americans watching the Government response to Hurricanes Rita and Katrina as it play out in the media could not believe the finger pointing that was going on between our elected leaders as many victims struggled to get their life in order. With the National Response Framework initial responsibility remains with the local elected officials and each level of the government above that will monitor and remain ready with assistance if requested. This will allow needed resources to get where they are needed without the internal bickering of the past. The Emergency Support Function Annexes within the National Response Framework ensures multi-agency interoperability and encompasses the other components of the NRF. Red Cross Entering Scene of Destruction The Red Cross has been chartered by Congress to help people prepare for, prevent, and respond to emergencies and provide relief for survivors of disasters (NRF, 2008). As a Red Cross volunteer you should ensure you are not working against the situation. Although you are going there to assist those effected by the disaster you will need to make sure you do not become a distraction or even worse needing to be assisted yourself. Working within the system with the Incident Commander and his staff will ensure you are part of the team and not working against these efforts. Having an understanding of the policies, guidance, and processes in place will

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