Disaster Assessment And Planning Guide

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B4. Disaster Assessment and Planning Guide The ages most affected by disasters are disabled, lower income, and the African American population. The group has a lower attainment of education and lower economic status. African Americans have a health tendency towards hypertension and cardiac issue that in time of disaster their medications may become inaccessible or unaffordable and stress will be increased. There is a link on the emergency preparedness site to register individuals with special needs. (Emergency Management of Linn County, 2011). The age range with the highest number of mentally disabled people is 21-64 which is about evenly split between females and males (Linn County, Iowa (IA), 2015). The community has become more attuned…show more content…
July 2015, Cedar Rapids approved the first step in the flood protection plan to begin (Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, 2015). B5. Windshield Survey The county was settled around 1838. The major city of Cedar Rapids continues to urban sprawl with several communities sitting on the boundaries as bedroom communities. There is a mix of houses in styles. The central area has houses built around pre 1940 and are two story or bungalow style with detached garages. The yards are small and houses close together. These homes typically have window air conditioners. As you move out from the center the houses change to ranch style around 1000-1200 square feet, with larger yards. Moving further out, the style changes to many different configurations and various square footage. On the outside of the city are larger homes with larger yards. The city has 96 park sites throughout and has ten outdoor and one indoor municipal pools for use. Greene Square Park, in downtown Cedar Rapids, is undergoing a renovation that will be completed in 2016 (Cedar Rapids, Parks, 2014). Linn County has 29 parks (My County Parks, 2015). Linn County has 19 bike trails that are supported by federal, state, city, and private funds (Linn County Trails Association, 2015). The area has an adequate number of recreation areas. The neighborhoods that are delineated are in the city center. The areas have signs posted notating the neighborhood. The boundaries are made of the river and main
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