Disaster Disasters : A State Of Panic

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It is very important to have planned for disasters because the best what to prevent a disaster is to prevent them from happening in the first place. (National archives, online 2012). When a disaster happens there will be a state of panic. In a state of panic no one will be thinking straight. The best thing to have is already have planned for the disaster to happen, and then you will have a set structure or guidelines to follow. This will make the process of dealing with disaster more effective. Everyone needs to know the plan for a disaster because then everyone will know what is needed from them for the plan to work. Everyone can then prepare themselves to do their role and there will be less confusion. Plans must also be exercised so that you can then call the plan reliable.. You can do this with either discussion based, table top or live exercises. (emergency planning Gov, online ,2013)This is a good way of showing if your plan can be changed to be more effective. When new incidents occur the disaster plan will be analysed and changed to where they thought they could of done better for example after 9/11,substantial investments were made in US states for the preparation of such disasters. ‘The US department of Health and human services established several additional resources, including deployable teams that can rapidly assist and respond to public emergency’s.’(Dr.Ali S. Khan, 2011) This shows how America seen one of their flaws when dealing with 9/11 and changed it to
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