Disaster Disasters : A State Of Panic

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It is very important have planned for disasters because the best what to mitigate a disaster is to prevent them from happening in the first place. (National archives, online 2012). When a disaster happens there will be a state of panic. In a state of panic no one will be thinking straight. The best thing to have is already have planned for the disaster to happen, and then you will have a set structure or guidelines to follow. This will make the process of dealing with disaster more effective. Everyone needs to know the plan for a disaster because then everyone will know what is needed from them for the plan to work. Everyone can then prepare themselves to do their role and there will be less confusion. Plans must also be exercised so that…show more content…
In this assignment the author will be analysing just how good and effective the emergency services dealt with 9/11. A disaster and an emergency have two similar meaning and people often get mixed up between them. The Oxford dictionary (Oxforddictionaries, online2014) defines a disaster as; ‘A sudden accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of lives’ One thing this definition does not say is that a disaster can also be man-made not just natural catastrophes. The oxford dictionary(Oxforddictionaries, online2014) also defines an emergency as; ‘ A serious ,unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.’ Both of the definitions are easily comparable. But the word catastrophe is used in the definition of disaster which just shows how much bigger of a scale a disaster is compared to an emergency. Also a disaster has much more severity where more lives could be lost. The consequences of a disaster are normally much more great than one of an emergency’s. These two words can overlap and be used interchangeably by a disaster in one country could only be a minor problem such as an emergency in another (World health organisation,2005) This could be due to the planning that has taken place. If a country has planned for the event to happen and it is controlled properly then it will only be an emergency. If a country
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