Disaster Management : Disasters And Disasters

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Disaster Management Introduction In today’s world, there has been one disaster or another, and hurricanes are one of those disasters that always happens. But, for one reason or another we are never prepared or understand the danger of any type of hurricane over a category one. Most of us have been through many hurricanes, like this learner has when lived in Miami, Fla for over 30 years, and the last hurricane she experience was hurricane Andrew. Warnings are always given, first responders are trained to alert, and FEMA is supposed to be ready to jump in once the storm has done its damage. But we can never be prepared, because hurricanes are unpredictable, and can become deadly for citizens and create millions of dollars in damages. Within this post we will confer Hurricane Katrina, preparedness and Emergency management before and after the disaster. The danger of Hurricane Katrina before and after landfall in New Orleans Leaders tend to hide information from citizens, state, and federal organization always state that it is for their own good or that they withhold information because they did not wish to create panic or avoid and lessen the impact it could have on the citizens. Thereby, even before hurricane Katrina, New Orleans governor was aware of the problem(s) with the levee. According to Irons (2005, p. 4) Governor Blanco, who recently released her actions in preparing for and responding to Hurricane Katrina, states that no one ever predicted or expected the levees to

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