Disaster Management ( Or Emergency )

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INTRODUCTION: A disaster is a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society involving widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses and impacts, which exceeds the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own resources. In contemporary academia, disaster is seen as the consequence of inappropriately managed risk. Disaster Management (or Emergency management) is the effort of communities or business to plan for and coordinate all personnel and materials required to either mitigate the effects of, or recover from, natural or ma-made disaster, or acts of terrorism. Disaster management does not avert or eliminate the threats, although their study is an important part of the field. Events covered by Disaster management include acts of terrorism, industrial sabotage, fire, natural disasters (such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.), public disorder, industrial accidents, and communication failures.
This paper is based on research ideas and approaches for adaptation in Disaster Mnagement. Mainstreaming adaptation refers to effective and efficient utilization of financial and human resources to enhance adaptive capacity, instead of designing and implementing Disaster management policy separately from the ongoing activities (Klein et. al. 2003, Yamin and Huq, 2005). This involves incorporation of adaptation interventions in the existing policies, processes and structures and making Disaster management
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