Disaster Management Plan for Tornado

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Tornado After a powerful tornado, 60% of businesses and a residential area have been destroyed. This has led to a series of negative events that need to be dealt with. These events include the town having no working lights, reports of residents' children and spouses missing, and even reports of gunfire. At this point, the state is aware of the disaster that has hit this town and the Governor is activating the National Guard. Beyond these initial steps, no further action has been taken, and I must respond immediately to deal with the crisis at hand. Incident Command Establishing the incident command system is first and foremost. The system establishes a common organizational structure that is conducive for different types of agencies as well as multiple jurisdictions to be able to effectively work together in response to the situation. The components of this system include the Incident Commander, who oversees all aspects of the disaster response, operations, planning, logistics and finance/administrative (Briggs & Twomey, 2003). Search and Rescue The next item needing attention is search and rescue. Time is critical, as the tornado likely has left an unknown number of people wounded or trapped. A slow response could cost people their lives, as well as increase anxiety and panic levels among those with missing family members. Calling in the Federal Search and Rescue team(s) would be the most appropriate way to deal with this situation. In this particular case, the
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