Disaster Management Plan for a Hypothetical Volcano Eruption

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In a situation where the super volcano has erupted in the city of West Yellowstone, Montana: 1) What can your city can do to prepare for the disaster. The city can take the following steps: Identification and mapping of the hazard zones identifying potential areas of volcanic impact. register of valuable movable property (excluding easily portable personal effects) note civic valuable property that can be moved (and tell citizens to register and move theirs) Identification of safe refuge zones to which the population will be evacuated in case of a dangerous eruption (and also warn citizens to move to shelters as alternative option) Identification of evacuation routes; maintain and clear them Identification of assembly points for people who have decided to evacuate providing means of transport and working out means of traffic control; Note that shelters in refuge zones are up-to-date; urging citizens to make use of them; providing instructions Conducting inventory of personnel and equipment for search and rescue; Preparing hospital and medical services for treatment of injured persons. Making sure that personnel are prepared Preparing alert procedures; notifying citizens Making provisions for updating the plan. (Disastersus.org.) 2) Is there anything that can be done to prevent the disaster? One cannot prevent volcanic eruption, but one can prevent the destruction of as least lives as possible. The best way to do so is by urging citizens to shelter or

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