Disaster Planning: Why Do We Keep Repeating the Same Mistakes?

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The source of the disaster may be different. Disasters can be caused by nature's fury, failure of human processes and procedures, failure of human structures, and financial disasters. Disasters occur in our individual lives and on a national scale. The source of disaster and the size of disaster may be different, but one thing all disasters have in common is the ability to learn from them. Disasters create opportunities for active learning. Not only can we discover how to respond to disasters once they occur, we can learn how to prevent them in the future.
Every disaster is an opportunity for learning and improvement. Yet, humans seem to fail to grasp the concept that many disasters never need occur again in the future. Not all disasters are preventable, but many are. Even though many disasters are preventable in the future, they continue to happen anyway. This research will explore active learning in disaster scenarios and will address the question of why disasters occur repeatedly throughout human history. It will support the thesis that sociological, cultural, and demographic reasons play a key role in the reasons why people do not learn from disasters.
Understanding Human Response to Disasters
Toft and Reynolds (2005) discuss the role of disaster planning in organizations. Disaster planning in organizations represents an important part of the strategic plan. Many…

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