Disaster Planning and Emergency Response

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Disaster Planning and Emergency Response Disasters, both man-made and natural, occur on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of community officials to prepare ahead of time for these disasters, to ensure residents receive needed care immediately following the disaster and in the following weeks while the community recovers. Because of this communities have created emergency response plans and have trained personnel already in place when such events occur. The following is a discussion of the employees involved in a disaster plan and was obtained from “Disaster in Franklin County, A Public Health Simulation” that was created by the University of Minnesota. Role of Public Health Personnel Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Commander…show more content…
Translators may be utilized to help assess non English speaking families. It is a good idea to have translators available for each of the ethnic groups that live within the community. Information sheets should also be available in multiple languages. Actions of Community Health Nurse After a disaster it is important for public health nurses to assist the teams that go door to door to assess the residents in the communities hit by the disaster. Some situations these nurses need to deal with is knowing what other departments are available to help people out when something falls outside the nurses scope of practice. Such as when flooding occurs and there is a hazardous household waste that needs to be cleaned up, the nurse knows what agency needs to come to the house and assess the damage, including what is the best way to clean up the waste. Other situations include ensuring residents have the supplies needed to survive in the coming days after the disaster. These items would include food both for adults and infants, heat, medicines to name a few. If the nurse is concerned about the amount of supplies the family has she can suggest the family stay at one of the shelters available. Another situation the nurse should be aware of and look for is possible domestic violence. In the moments and days immediately after a disaster the stress level for individuals increases dramatically, this increased stress can lead to violence. Nurses need to be aware of, and watch for
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