Disaster Preparedness And Emergency Management

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Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management in Hospitals: A Critical Study on the Hospitals of Eastern Region in Saudi Arabia Introduction The last few decades have witnessed increasing incidents of large scale disasters that result in mass casualties. Apart from the natural disasters like earthquake and Tsunami, there is increasing occurrence of man-made disasters including terrorist attack, oil explosion, spread of epidemics etc. In this context, disaster preparedness, response and management has acquired significant attention in academic discourse and practice (Adini, Goldberg, Laor, & Zado, 2006). This is particularly relevant in the case of hospitals. During disasters, hospitals play a critical role and offer emergency care…show more content…
While responding to large scale disasters, the primary responsibility of a hospital is to save maximum number of lives. Hence, there is a need to manage the resources effectively (Mehta, 2006). Though there are many research studies that focus on disaster preparedness and management, there is paucity of literature on diverse aspects of disaster management in the Middle East region in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. Hence, realizing the critical role of hospitals in disaster risk reduction, the proposed study intends to analyze the disaster preparedness and management of hospitals located in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Studies highlight that there are many potential disaster threats that may affect Saudi Arabia (Abosuliman, Kumar, & Alam, 2013). This includes terrorism, natural calamities; spread of epidemics, technological disasters related to oil exploration, pilgrimage related disasters etc. The proposed study would examine how well the hospitals are equipped to address such threats effectively. The following section would explain brief background of the problem, review of existing literature, major research questions, objectives and methodology of the study. Background of the Problem According to UNISDR, disaster is “a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society involving widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses and impacts, which exceeds
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