Disaster Prevention And Reduction Strategy

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General: Natural disasters are inevitable and it is not possible to get full control over them. The history of human civilization reveals that man has been combating with natural disasters from its origin but natural disasters like floods, cyclones, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions have various times not only disturbed the normal life pattern but also caused huge losses to life and property, and interrupted the process of development. Disaster Risk Management: With the technological advancement man tried to combat with these natural disasters through various ways like developing early warning systems for disasters, adopting new prevention measures, proper relief and rescue measures. But unfortunately it is not true for all natural…show more content…
Recognition of the hazard is one of the most important components of Disaster Management. For any Hazard analysis, zonation of the area is very important. For seismic hazard analysis there are two methods of zonation-Macrozonation and Microzonation. Macrozonation is used for seismic zonation at regional level on small scale considering broad parameters, while microzonation is mainly used for urban area considering local parameters and site conditions for seismic hazard analysis, at large scale. Local soil conditions has significant role on amplification of seismic waves, it being experienced in the past earthquakes. Seismic response analysis is useful to predict the design ground motion site for microzonation. Delineation of seismic hazard zones requires establishing a framework at the national or regional level with the following aspects clearly defined.
• Position of seismic microzonation in the construction practice and urban planning.
• Methodologies for data collection, evaluation and zonation.
• Seismic regulation that includes codes, laws and documentation, such as guidelines, recommendations, and manuals. The main assessment and management of earthquake risk concepts are from the Guidelines for Evaluating and Mitigating Seismic Hazards in California (DOC, 2000) and the Turkish Manual for Seismic Microzonation for Municipalities (DRM, 2004b). Although a major purpose of seismic
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