Disaster Reaction Paper : Disaster Reactions

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Disaster Reaction Paper
Recently we had an event happen in Dallas Texas that left everyone in the nation shocked. In events like this one that took five police officers’ lives that cannot be preempted in regards to the physical aspect of a disaster. Also, there were multiple other officers injured and some civilians also were wounded in this vicious attack. This attack on officers was the worse since September 11, 2001. It left people in the community just amassed with what had happened in their community. All we can do is prepare and train for such events to help protect or eliminate further loss of life. As a whole, society is vulnerable to situations like this one. People have no way to know when something like this is going to occur. In this case, the physical part of the event was a loss of people’s lives, trust in society and faith. For this reason, it will take a long time to rebuild what was in this community because of what happened. Everyone, especially law enforcement will have a deeper sense of cautious in their daily lives.
Important to realize of the physical component during this event also not only did it include loss of lives, but it also caused a major loss in business weeks after it had happened. People’s lively hoods were disruptive, as during any disaster. Events like this one have a greater impact on the physical surroundings that only people in the immediate area will know. It is important to get the community back to normal as quickly as possible.…

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