Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Planning

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Abstract 1
Acknowledgements 2
Introduction 3
Business Continuity Plan: What is it exactly? 4
Disaster Recovery 5
Difference between Business continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery 5
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Audit 6
Best Practices for BCP and DR Plan 9
Conclusion 13
References 14


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning are the processes that help organizations to prepare for the disruptive events that may occur. Disaster recovery events in the past were designed to provide backup options for centralized data centers. Today the disaster recovery plans are focused on integrated business continuity.
The plan for Disaster recovery audit, maintenance and continuous improvement should include the establishment of the process for keeping disaster recovery plans and associated activities updated, auditing and reviewing the plans to ensure that they remain fit for the purpose and consistent with the applicable standards and management controls and establishing a process for the continuous improvement of the disaster recovery program.
The report will focus on the importance of Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Planning in Today’s fast changing and Technology driven business environment & audit of the DR/BCP plans.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Professor Raj Sharman and Dr. Manish Gupta for their support and guidance throughout the MS MIS course and MIS Practicum and for

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