Disaster Recovery

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Disaster recovery plans allows and gives the opportunity to a business to be able to recoup from any number of disasters, whether it may be a natural disaster or a fault of equipment to include power loss. These plans can be fairly basic with a goal and summary of what is to happen in the event of a disaster, to intensely involved and well spelled out plans that break down the summary, personal, intent, goal, and a timeline of events to follow. While disasters are unforeseen events that a business may never see or have to implement their plan, it allows them to be setup for success if it were to happen and not be doomed for failure in hopes of it not being a possibility. For this report, contact was made with Richmond County in Augusta…show more content…
Unlike other companies that offer individual technology services, Sungard AS is focused on providing responsive and integrated disaster recovery, managed IT services, IT consulting and business continuity management software solutions, to help organizations keep people and information connected (Sungard AS, 2015). Sungard AS has established a template for businesses to implement their own disaster recovery plans. According to their statistics it allows others to achieve a great deal of implementation, “80% of the way there by taking an existing disaster recovery plan template and customizing it to your specific situation” (Sungard AS, 2015). They also allow more specific and full execution of disaster plans if desired as well. They state that a well-executed plan has an introduction to relay the purpose and objective, a summary of tasks and timeline, and also critical vendors and equipment requirements. An example of a timeline has been included in a template created by Sungard AS. This has broken down hour by hour from incident detection (hour 0), to activating personal and recovery team, restoring network and SAN for backups and VMs, to validating data integrity and resuming operations (Sungard AS, 2015). Some of these and other steps may be admissible if a cold/hot/mirrored site are used as

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