Disaster Recovery For A Business

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Disaster recovery for a business goes further than backing up some tapes or disks and storing them in an off-site storage facility. Disaster recovery also involves making the business whole again, from retrieving the data backups after the disaster to restoring the data on the system, and opening the doors for business again with minimal loss of time, money, and reputation. This paper discusses the implications of a non-existent or inadequate plan for disaster recovery, with a particular focus on repercussions for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs). Traditional disaster recovery plans are discussed in terms of physical space required, costs of equipment needed as the business grows, and the time for recovery needed when a disaster occurs. The paper reviews the option of using the Cloud for disaster recovery. Specifically, the advantages of increased speed for data recovery, reduced equipment expenses, increased security, and scalability are discussed, along with any challenges to be faced when choosing the Cloud for disaster recovery. Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Why plan for something that may never happen? Many companies ask this question when the topic of disaster recovery is mentioned. However, in this age of security breaches from outside the company or errors committed by untrained employees within the company, it is not really a question of if a disaster will occur, but rather of when. In addition to human actions disrupting business, natural
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