Disaster Recovery

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The Admitting System Crashes
Patricia Hampton
Dr. Allen
August 24, 2011

Identify at least three steps that the CIO could have taken to reduce the likelihood of the system failure. The chief information officer is the executive who manages the IT department and leads the organization in their efforts to develop and advance IT strategies. The role of the CIO in health care organizations is to: set visions and strategies, integrate information technology for business success, and make changes when necessary, build technological confidence, partner with customers, ensure information technology talent, and build networks and community. They should also establish and maintain good working relationships with the members of the
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Another key change that JRMC could make is having a viable backup copy of the database. This would help the organization if failure were to occur again and also save them from performing a full database recovery.

What factors did the Root Cause analysis reveal that contributed to the system failure problem? First, root cause analysis (RCA) is a problem solving method used to identify the root cause of a problem or event. The practice is believed to work best when attempting to address, correct, or eliminate root causes as opposed to simple addressing the immediate symptoms. By identifying the root cause of a problem, it can create effective corrective actions that can possible prevent that problem from ever recurring. The analysis is performed after the event or problem occurs, but it can also be used as a pro-active method (Bellinger, 2004). As stated in the case study, JRMC had a scheduled performance test being done on December 20, which caused them to take down the link between the main data center and the disaster recovery center. This is a routine test that should not cause any problems, but on December 21, JRMC lost power to the disaster recovery center. Emergency power was instantly put in place to get the disaster recovery center up and running. Losing power to the disaster recovery center is not good because the disaster recovery center is what the organization uses if the main data center goes down. As a precaution, a backup was

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