Disaster Recovery Plan

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Disaster Recovery Plan The majority of the administrative elements and many of the academic programs are heavily dependent and integrated with data processing to the extent that continued operation without data processing would require extensive alteration in methods of doing business. In the event that data processing services are interrupted for any extensive period of time, it is necessary that the University have a plan for continuing operations and reestablishing automated data processing. A disaster recovery plan is a written contingency plan for responding to a disaster which has disrupted the data processing facilities. Its purpose is to provide a general guide based upon preplanned actions which will reduce decision making…show more content…
The Operations Team is led by the Senior Operator. All operations staff are members. The team members and responsibilities overlap with the Systems and Applications Software Team. Computer members of the Damage Assessment Team are to join the Operations Team as damage assessment winds down (usually within 48 hours). The Team is responsible for: • establishing emergency production procedures at the secondary site, • operating the secondary site if required, • recreate as closely as possible original site operations including backup, security, data entry, information distribution and user assistance functions, • advising users of the disaster and recovery and operations procedures, • assisting users in recovery operations, • assisting programmer/analysts in program recovery. Media Services will form a separate operations team. The team will be led by the Classroom Services Supervisor. The team will restore basic services, salvage equipment and if possible visually record general and specific damage to assist in determination of damage cost. Microcomputer Services will form a separate operations team. The team will consist of all members of the Microcomputer Services staff and will be led by the senior laboratory assistant. The team will assist users in recovery of and initial operation of the office operation systems. The team will relocate operational microcomputers to critical areas as directed by the management group. The management
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