Disaster Recovery Plan Term Paper

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Disaster Recovery Plan Company Overview Strategic Business Solutions is a Veteran-owned small business with less than fifty employees and the business goal is to continue specializing in Information Technology (IT), project management, and business development solutions. Our main projects involve Internet-based E-commerce solutions. The following diagram depicts our current network, which is PCI compliant and can handle high-traffic websites: Risk Assessment Critical business processes Disruption of an information resource is not a disaster in itself, unless it is related to a critical business process, for example, an organization losing its revenue generating business process due to an information system failure.…show more content…
The reason is that, basically a warm site is partially configured, usually with network connections and selected peripheral equipment, such as disk drives, tape drives and controllers, but without the main computer. Sometimes a warm site is equipped with a less powerful CPU, than the one generally used. The assumption behind the warm site concept is that the computer can usually be obtained quickly for emergency installation (if it is a widely used model) and, since the computer is the most expensive unit, such an arrangement is less costly than a hot site. After the installation of the needed components the site can be ready for service within hours; however, the location and installation of the CPU and other missing units could take several days or weeks. Warm sites are said to have the electrical and cooling capacity, as well as communication equipment available to get connected immediately. There is also some backup infrastructure available readily for immediate usage, such as storage equipment and servers. Most warm sites usually consist of tape backups which are stored on offsite locations. Sometimes, a warm site also has a storage appliance which is used to replicate the data periodically from the original data processing facility (Chichowski, 2005). Disaster Recovery Test Plan Walk-Throughs A paper
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