Disaster Recovery Process

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Introduction Natural disasters, as well as other traumatic events, can turn the world upside down hence shattering a person sense of security. An aftermath of an earthquake necessitate taking steps with an aim of restoring safety and wellbeing to make a make a tremendous difference. In a school setting, natural disasters such as an earthquake have a profound influence students, teachers, and their families. This s because the experience leads to widespread property destruction and monetary loss. In worst instances, they lead to injury and even death. Earthquake recovery process Resuming normalcy after a disaster entails getting back to the normal routine as the situation helps in reducing traumatic stress, the feeling of hopelessness and anxiety. This means taking care of the students' needs in a school setting. The situation calls for urgent recovery measures to bring normalcy in the school setting after the earthquake. An important way of recovery is an introduction of psychological help to help both the teachers, students and their families cope with the situation. Disasters have other trivial consequences and obvious consequences, which have negative impacts on person's wellbeing. The effects can last for a long time as the impacts related to a natural disaster goes beyond physical injury(Shinfuku 2011).Emotional toll can lead to a variety of emotions such as intense, frightening, and confusing. This brings into focus the significance of psychological wellbeing
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