Disaster Recovery and Incident Response

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Disaster Recovery and Incident Response Organization Overview: The impact of disasters both natural or manmade can be disastrous for an organization that hasn't taken the proper steps to plan and prepare. This was evidenced beyond a reasonable doubt for businesses up and down the East Coast, especially in the Mid-Atlantic Region during last year's superstorm Sandy. The areas of New York and New Jersey were especially hard hit by the disasters, as the organization at the center of this discussion can most certainly attest. The Disaster Recovery Plan and Incident Response Team Charter which follow hereafter are part of the strategy for local fueling company, Gasbag International. Located in the shore region of North Jersey, roughly 35 minutes from New York City, Gasbag serves the surrounding counties of the metropolitan region with a focus on North Jersey small business and group residential home clients. The events of Sandy were particularly devastating to the area served by Gasbag and had immediately deleterious effects for the company. With three locations in the North Jersey coastal region, Gasbag International is comprised of roughly 50 employees, has a fuel delivery fleet of 12 vehicles and serves an area that is home to several million residents. The company's structure remains, as it has always been, family-owned. The Gasbag family has overseen the company's operations since its founding in 1984, when it was a single location, one truck and 8 employees. Its growth
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